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Our story begin...

With a passion to discover unexplored possibilites & a passion for potential. To create a product that has an eye on the future rather than the achievements of the past

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The Finest Materials

At XOR, we only work with some of the finest materials including titanium, ceramic, sapphire crystal, and fine leather to create handsets that are robust and beautiful.

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Saphire Glass

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Titanium: Titanium is as strong as steel but weighs only half as much, hence its widespread use in the aerospace industries. Encased in titanium which was forged in soaring temperatures then engineered to precision, XOR phones are hypoallergenic, durable and lightweight.

Front view

Sapphire Glass: The screens of our phones need to remain clear and perfect. That’s why we protect them with sapphire crystal, a material so hard that it can only be cut with diamond- tipped tools. These large pieces of sapphire are grown from a single seed crystal at temperatures above 2000 degrees Centigrade before being cut to size and finely ground. Finally, they are polished to provide a virtually scratch-proof screen.

Bottom view

Ceramic: XOR uses high-tech ceramic similar to that used in spacecraft and known for its incredible scratch resistance and unique thermal characteristics. This, along with its robust nature and polished elegance, make it perfect for use in a high-end mobile phone.

Back view

Leather: Supple, blemish-free leather from Europe’s finest tanneries encases the back of each phone. Each piece of leather is painstakingly checked before being hand fitted under the edges of the titanium body to secure it before final assembly.

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